The no-influencer brand.

Authenticity, independence and real connections

Authenticity over conformity.

In an era where brands are often on the hunt for celebrity faces to market their products, we embrace authenticity over conformity. Our belief is that products should speak for themselves - based on their quality, functionality and the value they add to our customers' lives. We believe that true enthusiasm for a product comes not from paid ambassadors, but from honest experiences and real recommendations.


Why No Influencer?

We have consciously decided not to use influencers in our marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why we take this approach:

  1. Authenticity: We believe that our customers' trust is built through real experiences. Instead of relying on staged representations, we want our products to speak for themselves.
  2. Independence: Our brand is based on the idea that people can think and make decisions independently. We rely on our customers' intelligence and judgment rather than influencing preconceived opinions.
  3. Critical engagement: We encourage our customers to be critical consumers. Without the presence of influencers, we encourage people to evaluate products unbiasedly and make their own decisions.

Not a “scarcity” lie.

As the NONOSH brand, we have been committed from the start to dealing honestly and transparently with our customers. We firmly believe that trust is the foundation of every successful relationship between a brand and its customers. For this reason, we believe in integrity and honesty in all our business practices.

No returns penalties

Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, we have decided to waive return penalties. We believe that every customer has the right to change their mind or return an item if it does not meet expectations.

Our "no returns penalty" policy reflects our confidence in our products and shows our appreciation for your choice to shop with us. We want you to feel in good hands with us and to be sure that your shopping experience with us will be positive and smooth.

Because we are real.

More than just products.

Our no-influencer brand is more than just a collection of products - it's a community of people who share similar values. Here people can come together who have a critical perspective on traditional marketing and who are interested in products based on their own merits.

Be part of the movement.

If you're tired of superficial marketing and influencers' manipulative tactics, we invite you to become part of our movement. Join us, share your experiences and create a culture of honest exchange. Together we can show that products don't have to depend on celebrities to be notable.

Jewelry from NONOSH.