All About Freshwater Pearls

About Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are one of the most fascinating natural wonders the world has to offer. Found in rivers, lakes and ponds around the world, these pearls are an amazing example of how nature fills our world with amazing beauty and wonder. In this blog we will take a deeper dive into freshwater pearls, how they are formed, their value and how to care for them.

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formation of freshwater pearls

Unlike saltwater pearls, which are produced by mussels in the ocean, freshwater pearls are produced by mussels in rivers, lakes, and ponds. Freshwater pearl formation begins with the formation of a grain of sand or other foreign body inside a shell. To protect the foreign body, the mussel begins to produce a layer of a substance called nacre.

While the mussel produces nacre to protect the foreign body, it also forms a pearl. Unlike saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls can grow in a variety of sizes and shapes as they are not limited by the shape of the shell.

value of freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls tend to be more affordable compared to saltwater pearls. The reason for this is that freshwater pearls can be produced in larger quantities and in a greater variety. Another factor affecting the price is the size and quality of the pearls. The larger and more perfect the pearl, the higher its price.

The quality of freshwater pearls is determined by four factors: size, shape, color and surface finish. A perfect freshwater pearl should be round or oval in shape, rich in color, and have a smooth, lustrous surface. The more pronounced these properties are, the higher the value of the pearl.

Care of Freshwater Pearls


Freshwater pearls are delicate pieces of jewelry and therefore require special care to maintain their beauty and quality. Here are some tips that can help you care for your freshwater pearls:

  • Avoid contact with chemicals: Avoid contact with perfumes, hair sprays, cosmetics and detergents as these chemicals can damage the surface of the pearls.

  • Avoid contact with water: freshwater pearls can be damaged by water. Therefore, do not wear the jewelery while showering, swimming or bathing.

  • Store your beads properly: Store your beads in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Also, avoid bringing them into contact with other jewelry as this will cause scratches
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Manufacture of freshwater pearl jewelry

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