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What does vermeil mean?

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Vermeil = silver gilding

Vermeil means silver gilding , gold is plated over 925 sterling silver. Mostly with an 18 carat alloy.

History of the Vermeil

Vermeil is a term used to describe gold jewelry that has been gilded over a silver or other metal base.

To be considered vermeil, jewelry must have a thick layer of at least 10k gold applied to a base of real silver.

Vermeil jewelry tends to be of higher quality and more durable than jewelry that is only plated with gold color. The term vermeil comes from the French and means "gilded silver".

What are the differences?

Most of the time, the question arises whether you should buy gold- plated jewelry or vermeil jewelry . The clear winner here is the Vermeil variant. Vermeil is hypoallergenic and has a higher quality gold plating. Nevertheless, the vermeil variant always costs more than the gold-plated variant.

Vermeil jewelry by NONOSH

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