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All about howlite

Howlite was discovered by James Dwight Dana in 1868. It is named after the mineralogist Henry Howe. This stone is easily confused with magnesite. A closer look, however, shows that these are very different materials. Howlite is less common and is only quarried in North America. The United States is now considered the most important mining region for this stone. Howlite stone is also known as Khaulite or Silicoborocalcite

Howlite Bracelets

Holy howlite!

Howlite is one of the mineralogical borates. This mineral is formed when silica and boric acid combine with calcium on the sidewalls of gypsum. The surface of the stone is usually white with small black stripes. Heat and water create these minerals. It occurs mainly in deposits with borate deposits. Sometimes stones are formed in combination with formations of ulexite, colemanite and bakelite.

Howlite Bracelets.

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How? Different howlites?

This mineral has a white surface resembling ivory or marble. It is also traversed by small black or dark brown veins. The stones are very often used as gemstones, but they have a disadvantage that they are quite soft. This means that it must be treated with the utmost care. On the other hand, howlite used in daily life is usually covered with a protective layer. This protects the mineral from scratches and other damage and allows it to be worn without hesitation. There are also stones that have been specially processed for everyday use so that you can use them for many years.

How to howlite

You can wear the howlite stone directly on the skin. Howlite energy is applied to the body
transmits and also influences the spiritual aura of man. A common antidote
There is also nausea and stomach pain when the healing stone is heated and then placed directly on the stomach for 15 minutes. During this time people can listen to soothing music and while the stone unleashes the energetic power of the stone. Healing stones have a gentle effect on the body and calm the stomach. Unlike some drugs, users should not expect any negative side effects. This is a very important criterion, especially when it comes to calming the stomach.

Effect of howlite

Howlite neutralizes anger and aggression. Healing stones calm all emotions that can negatively affect people's stomachs. Therefore, it is a particularly good companion for anyone who has swallowed their anger too often or ate something inside. Howlite can also help with purely physical stomach problems. The stone dissolves inner blockages and improves health significantly.

Effect on the body:
The mineral unfolds its effect in the stomach and strengthens the human gut feeling. Howlite can be used for abdominal pain. Many women use the healing stone to alleviate abdominal pain. The healing stone has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It ensures smooth digestion and thus strengthens the human immune system. Anyone who is at the mercy of stress in everyday life that hits their stomach can counteract it with howlite. In addition, the high calcium content of the stone strengthens bones, joints, nails, teeth and hair. This is specifically achieved through the use of gemstone water. The drainage effect of Howlite helps reduce joint swelling. In the case of headaches and migraines, power stones relieve the symptoms and improve balance.

Howlite works on a mental and spiritual level

Howlite also has a positive effect on the human psyche. This stone stimulates the conscious
Pausing and helps improve self-reflection skills. Many people
also use healing stones to enhance their mentoring and coaching projects. As a small companion, Howlite enhances intuition. White stones help people feel safe, calm and make the right decisions. Even those who have to make important strategic decisions can use the white stone to improve their personal intuition.

Howlith und das Sternzeichen

Howlite Chakra and Zodiac Mapping

The stone is assigned to the crown chakra. It opens up a person's personal charisma in the highest areas of the mind and improves it quickly and significantly. Therefore, healing stones are also very popular with consultants. People with the zodiac sign Libra can particularly benefit from the power of this stone. The mineral perfectly complements the personal characteristics of these people. Therefore, many people with the zodiac sign Libra use howlite as their main stone.

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How to maintain, load and unload the howlite healing stone

Howlite should be charged after each use whenever possible. To do this, first hold the stone under cold water from the tap. Now the energy of the stone flows fully. After just a few minutes, the stones will naturally drain. Then dry briefly with a black velvet cloth. The stone is then placed on top of the crystal and left in the sun to charge the battery. After 30 minutes, the stone is fully charged again and ready for the next use.

importance in meditation

When meditating, it can be used with Orange Calcite or Copper to better clear blockages. Placed on individual chakras, the intensely colored stone is easier to penetrate.

An effect of the healing stones has not yet been scientifically refuted. However, it is proven
that the healing stones often have a calming and liberating effect on people. This is likely because the practitioner is brought into a relaxed state to be open to the "vibrations" and "energies" of the healing stones

Production of howlite jewelry

Our howlite bracelets are made in our NONOSH factory MADE IN GERMANY Made with Love ❤️

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